Sanwu Saber Series Laser with Double Magnetic Switches

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The new Saber is powered by 1x 21700 lithium battery and it comes with two magnetic switches. The top one allows you to adjust the laser power from 0 to full power and the second switch allows you to change the mode, such as strobe mode, breathing mode and SOS mode. Instead of doing it with the button switch, now you can simply turn the magnetic switch for varies modes.

On top of that we also added vibration to the laser to indicate the the changing of the laser mode & when you power on the laser.  This brings entirely new user experience and complete control to the laser, its’s a must-have for any laser fans!

How to use:

  1. Mind the battery direction. Insert 1x 21700 battery with the positive side going in first. Next, screw on the end cap and press the power button to turn on the laser.
  2. Change the power. Adjust the top switch to change the power.
  3. Change the mode.  Adjust the Second switch to change the mode. The modes sequence is as follows: Strobe – Quick Strobe – Breathing mode – Emergency SOS 
  4. Adjustable Focus. Twist the attack head which is located at the top of the laser to adjust the beams focus.
  5. Mind the duty circle. Please don’t use the laser over 2 minutes each time, especially for high power laser. Let it cool down before another use.

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