Sanwu Guardian Series



Source directly from Sanwu Laser Factory.

Free Charger, and Goggles, Batteries( battery may not include, depending on your country customs. US can be included)

Name: Guardian Series
Class: 4
Size: Smooth & Engraved: 84mm * 24mm
Extended: 104mm * 24mm
Weight: 190g(Without Battery)
Wavelength: 405nm, 445nm, 455nm, 465nm, 470nm, 488nm, 492nm, 505nm, 520nm, 525nm, 635nm
Laser Body: Stainless Steel, Nickel copper alloy
Operation Mode: Single Mode or Multi Mode
Laser Power: 50mw – 1800mw
Beam Divergence: 0.5mRad – 1. 5mrad
Required Eyewear O.D. : 3.0+
Power Consumption: [email protected] 0.5A- 2A
Power supply: One 35mm 18350 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Lifetime: 20 minutes – 40 minutes
Switch: Push Button Constant On/ Off,
Electronic Safety lock with Button mode switching
Multi operation Modes: Low Power, Half Power, Strobe, Full Power and Sos
Duty Cycle: 60 seconds on & 30 seconds off
Expected lifetime: > 5,000 hours

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Wavelength and Power

405nm Violet – 1.4W, 445nm Blue – 1W, 445nm Blue – 1.6W, 455nm Royal Blue – 150mW, 465nm Bright Blue – 1.6W, 488nm Cyan – 100mW, 492nm Cyan – 120mW, 505nm Mint Cyan – 50mW, 520nm Mint Green – 50mW, 520nm Green – 120mW, 520nm Green – 1W, 525nm Green – 150mW, 525nm Green – 1W, 635nm Bright Red – 300mW, 635nm Bright Red – 800mW, 638nm Red – 1.5W G84 Three Laser Beams

Operation Mode

Single Mode, Multiple Mode


White copper- Smooth, White copper – Engraved, Stainless Steel – Smooth, Stainless Steel – Engraved