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THOR M 2 Laser Pointer

  • Real Output.
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  • Full tracking record. Average 2 weeks delivery.

From $50.00


Thor M Laser, the first 1w+ output laser you should have.

Shape of laser dot:

When you zoom in the spot, you will find it’s a rectangle spot but not a round one as we expect. It’s normal, it’s the exact shape of the laser diode. So please don’t worry about it.

Package include:

1 x Thor M II Blue laser

5 x Star caps


1. The laser will not come with label. If customers don’t have  a LPM, the most easy way to tell 1.6w apart from 3w version is by this:

2. 3w version will have a delay when you turn it on. and 1.6w version will turn on immediately.

Batteries are NOT included, because of the strict shipping policy. You need 2* 16340 batteries.


Technical Specs

Name Thor M 2
Size 21*3*3 cm
Laser Type Direct Diode
Wavelength 450nm blue
Laser Body Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser Finish Black
Beam Divergence 3.6 mRad
Beam Diameter 4mm At Aperture, <20mm at 10 meters
Modes Single On/Off Mode
Power Supply 2*16340 (3.7V each) Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (NOT provide)
Weight 0.2kg







Wavelength and Power (mw)

450nm Blue – 1600, 450nm Blue – 3000

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews

It arrived with the focus very badly registered, (to focus to infinity I had to unscrew it for well over three turns!), and a rattling sound from near the lens.
I discovered that the threaded ring that locks the focusing mechanism under the lens was completely unscrewed, I fixed it and registered the lens properly so now it’s ok.
Also the power should have been 1600mW but it barely reaches 1300!
And this is using the same batteries capable of continuous 3A that pump over 3000mW from another model, so you can’t blame them for sure.
I like very much the design and after reading some very good reviews for the Thor M2, for it being over specs and with a lovely focusing mechanism, seems that they are not all engineered the same way, mine at least has been very badly assembled for sure.
Sorry guys, a well deserved single star!!!

Puntatore laser

Non mi è ancora arrivato vorrei un rimborso x mancata consegna 😡😡


wonderful laser thank you

Brian P.
Thor MII Rocks!

I have both the Thor H and Thor MII blue 450nm and I prefer the MII. A little lighter and slimmer design, it pumps out a true 3.1-Watt of power (3-Watt model) just like the Thor H. A terrific bang for the buck! LPS works very hard to not have their customers be disappointed. However, be forewarned, make sure you have a good brand of 16340 batteries. I got a cheap brand on Amazon and both my 3-Watt Thor H & Thor MII would only pump out 1.5-Watts. I replaced with UltraFire brand batteries and both Thor's now pump out 3.1-Watts! Do not immediately think LPS sent you an underpowered laser. It could very well be your battery's fault. The right batteries make a HUGE difference in high powered lasers!

Damn its a beast ngl

Ok so I first bought one of those aliexpress shitty remake on for 38 and got fucked up in like a month. The thor M2 has been a beast so far and 10x better.