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Sanwu Laser Rangers allow you to control the power ( brightness ) and modes easily by Magnetic Switch.

Left picture: Change the power ( Brightness ). Right picture: Change the modes.


Power Range: From 0 to Full power.

Single Mode:  Light On / Light Off

Multiple Modes:  Constant Light Mode – Breath Mode – Strobe Mode – Quick strobe Mode – SOS Mode

What are the differences with Single Magnetic Switch and Two Magnetic Switches?

The single magnetic switch can only change the power (brightness), if you want to change the mode, you need to use the end button. For single magnetic switch version, you can choose multiple modes or single mode (controlled by end button).

The two magnetic switches version allows you use one switch to adjust the power (brightness), the other one to adjust the modes. The end button is ON/OFF.



Style 2,3,5,6 has 6 tritium tubes positions

Style 8,9 has 11 tritium tubes positions

Style 1,4 has 18 tritium tubes positions

Style 7 has 23 tritium tubes positions



Tritium tubes are NOT included, you can buy from amazon or sanwu.

Tritium tube size:  6mm long x 1.5mm wide

You can also get Resin Luminous Sticks to decorate your laser.

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