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Gavau , viskas OK.

All is well, the quality is good, and as it shines I will test when I get a battery.

Super nice mini pocket LPM ... Thank you laserpointerstore 👍

Super nice mini pocket LPM ... Thank you laserpointerstore 👍

I haven't gotten it yet


Laser shines very far. Cant wait to get expander. This laser shape is a rectangle not a circle so be aware of that. Its still pretty small and tight pattern though


Didn’t really know what the exact purpose of the magnifier was being that I’m kind of new to laser pointers, but from what I read it was a must and I’m glad I bought it. It really does make a huge difference and I love how you can focus the beam in reverse when using the magnifier, it starts off as a wide beam and when you focus your laser pointer with the magnifier on the beam begins to narrow the farther you point. It’s great for trying to get a small dot on a further distance. I would definitely recommend it.

Good product

Ordered blue laser and it showed up and it was a blue laser

I use it for. Walking around on the street

I ordered mine in Red. But the paint has chipped off could have been better. But paint doesn't affect the performance. I was told it was 30 mw. But the sticker said 200 mw. I like it when I point it down the street and four blocks away I can see it

I can only see a little dot

Works great and I can focus my laser perfectly

High quality of workmanship

It took me a long time just to get the batteries I'm still waiting on a second set. With the button top it works great for insect termination. I believe it's ok to hurt bug's. Especiall. Bugs that bite me I want to get another one but in a higher power. But it not offered. It came in a plan box with no. Instructions or details.

Great performance enhancing

It's works amazing. I just want to get another expanded. With higher magnification my laser pointer. Works so much better than without it

Good but could be better.

I've purchased 3 of the Thor series blue lasers over the years from the laser pointer store. (2) 3watts and (1) at 1.5 watt. When I first receive them they are great. Everything I had hoped for. However over short periods of time they seem to lesson. I've always followed the suggested run times of 30 seconds on then 2 minutes off to cool. So they have never become hot. Yet the beams just don't stay as bright as they initially come. 2nd, the spring for the contact of the batteries always melts into itself down and you got to reach in there with a hook or something to pull it out or to go crooked. I tried to bring this to the attention of the complaint department whatever you want to call and as soon as I sent send me a picture of what was going on they quit talking to me. The only reason I keep using them and purchasing from them is Is that there stated power levels are always correct At least I first. Next their price is decent. Lastly The turnaround time from when you order it to receive it is usually less than 2 weeks which I can handle everybody else other places I purchase from is 6 weeks that I can't handle. I need to use a stronger material between the spring and the driver whatever you want to call it the wall between the batteries and the laser itself so that the spring doesn't melt into it. They need to come up with them dial that doesn't lose power after 30 minutes of use... They do that and they'll be the best laser website there is until then they're just the default de facto website to use if you want some sort of decency.. There's a lesser of evils of the websites that you can buy laser pointers from..

Problems with challenger 2

Well the delivery was great and I really like the laser
had a really strong blue beam 
Lots of my friends are going to order from you 
But now the lazer won’t turn on and the 2 batteries don’t appear to take a charge...the first time I charged them the charger lights would stay red and then turn green but now the lights on charger stay green when u put the batteries in 
And the laser won’t work so I’m pissed off about the 460$ Canadian price and the batteries are dead and won’t charge...I’m hoping it’s just the batteries and not the laser itself... I would really appreciate if you would send me some batteries to try so I can know if the laser isn’t defective..otherwise this laser is awesome and high quality and I hope it’s not the laser itself 

Honest Opinion

I’ve always had an interest in lasers but never really spent more than $20 on one, I’ve owned your typical 303 green laser and I’ve been flirting with the idea of purchasing a blue laser for a while now and finally said ima do it. All I gotta say is WOW!!! I’m glad I purchased it, I got the Blue Thor H2 3W with the 3x Magnifier and the leather aluminum box. I have nothing negative to say about it, the housing is top notch and the power of the laser is unbelievable. I watched a lot of videos on blue lasers and it doesn’t justify how it looks in person. Only way to describe it is A1. Laser Pointer Store has great service and I wanna thank them for throwing in a free charger as well. Last but not least, when people say wear the safety glasses they’re not playing, I realized how important that is once I actually owned something this powerful. Anyway if you’re thinking about purchasing, don’t hesitate.

Love It

Does exactly what it says. Absolutely love it

nice laser but batteries don't ship to my country

nice laser but batteries don't ship to my country

Budget LPM

I'm very happy with my purchase. This "budget" laser power meter works great. I was a bit sceptic about this LPM because others on the web are very expensive but now, after testing it, it works and it's really accurate! Hope it will be durable for many years but the overall quality looks nice so i'm confident with this product.

Works great for 450 nm, 520 nm, and 532 nm

I tested them out and they work well for my green lasers, and adequately for my blue lasers, but didn't seem to block enough light from my violet lasers to be safe. I'd recommend them for use with green lasers (can't beat the price), but not for 405 nm violet.

This LPM can't be beat for the price!

It's very small. I got the one with the blue display. The display looks much better (clearer) in person than it does in the product photos. It seems like it has a little trouble reading in the 0-2 mW range, but everything above 3 mW seems to work fine. The box it shipped in will function nicely as a case. The thermopile is inset only a little bit, protecting it somewhat (I'd recommend future designs maybe inset it more or provide a removable dust cover) - this is better than every other design I've seen where the thermopile is just open to the elements.

You might want to be forewarned that the paperwork that came with the device cautions against using it on lasers more powerful than 5000 mW for more than a few seconds. I don't have any such lasers myself, but, if it takes longer to stabilize than it is safe to expose, it's probably not truly functional at those higher power levels. So, maybe, more realistically than 1 - 9999 mW, it should be spec'd at 3 - 5000 mW. Since there are fairly few lasers out there >5W, I don't think it really matters that much, though.

520 nm 100 mW Green

I purchased the 520 nm 100 mW Green TTL. There was initially a shipping problem, but LPS was extremely helpful and shipped me a replacement very quickly when the courier lost the original shipment. The TTL laser came with a power supply and works wonderfully. I tested it at 94 mW. The spectral peak is narrower than I expected.

520 nm Laser 202

Wow. I'm blown away. The construction is solid (must be brass, too heavy to be aluminium). Tested with a meter at 5 mW (which is extremely bright for a green laser pointer). And it came with a rotating star cap as a nice surprise. The spot is sharp and the alignment is spot-on. All for less than a quarter of what I've paid in the past for less quality.

Tell you when it gets

Tell you when it gets here.

I bought one of these from another seller...

It is nice, but I had bought the 5 watt and i got the 3 watt. I don't know why these are so much resold by others and are under powered.

Gatlling 520nm 100mW

Awesome as always sturdy design.

It will be a very good laser if....

I wanted to say that you should make sure you get your Thor Ultra from this site. There are other sites that re sell these under different names, including Odin and B970. The re sellers usually sell an you an under powered unit. If you ordered a 5 watt, you will get a 3 watt. This is typical of these re sellers. Beware.