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Very nice , love it , but there was no instructions or details with it . Could someone from your store contact me please .DAN B


good product the blue laser was powerful, the burning was also very powerful. Order lasted quite a long time

Wonderful pointer

Very Bright, good beam quality and power for the price.

Great Laser

I got 488nm and 525nm Sanwu pocket lasers. They are dope for stargazing.


Great product

Leistung Top, Bedienung Flop

Die Leistung ist klasse, aber die Bedienung unglücklich und umständlich.gewählt.
Mir wäre eine Modi Voreinstellung und eine einfache Ein-Aus Schaltung über den Druckschalter lieber gewesen, als jedesmal zum Ausschalten durch die Modi schalten zu müssen. Auch die Lösung mit der Ausschaltschraube am Batterifach ist nicht sehr komfortabel und zuverlässig. Ebenso die Fokussierung hätte besser sein können. Daher nur 3 Sterne



I think it works

I think it works but doesnt fit on the end of my laser

3x mag expander

it's ok but not worth the 60$ I spent on it.


Very good

Powerful Laser Pointer

It works great. I would like to try the Challenger 2 next time.

Sanwu pocket

I bought 2 pockets and on one of them I can’t even turn on cause the button is so loose and rattling. Wish someone would reply to my multiple tickets

Not as strong as expected

Doenst even burn paper at 20cm distance, not what I would have expected from a 1600mw blue laser

Awesome 👍

I really wanted a 1w 520nm laser. But couldn't afford it. This is the next best thing. Supper bright, burns well, even has a hidden strobe mode. Very happy with my purchase.

amazing laser and store

this is business done right.

Thor M2 laser pointer

I have not received order as of November 11, 2022. It's been 30days.

So glad they had this part for my Thor H2!!!

I was using my Thor H2 Laser on the beach during a camping trip and putting a cool light show during our campfire sit around 🙂 After putting my Thor H2 away, i brought it back out and the screw on the bottom of the cap was gone!!! We searched all over the beach and could not find it. I was hoping I could find one on-line to replace the one I lost and BAM! You guys came through!!! Thanks for keeping them in stock 🙂

power meter

Nice little box. Very simple. Works great.

bright beam, good price, good quality

The pointer has a bright beam related to its good price, the housing is of solid quality, easy to charge via USB plug.

Phenomenal laser!!

This laser is awesome! It’s beautifully crafted and very heavy for its size which makes it feel solid and well-built. You wouldn’t expect something so small to pack such a big punch and be such a strong laser but it definitely is and it delivers exceptionally great results. It’s a very strong burning laser for its size and has a very bright and distinct looking beam. Would definitely recommend getting this laser for anybody looking to have a well-built solid and strong laser in a beautifully small package

Pointer is huge, marker size but much taller. Lasts 4hrs, red laser dot quite large.

My first impression was DAMN this thing is huge. Its about as tall as a butterknife and the thickness is about the same as a permanent marker. If you're familiar with those dollar store / general hardware store lasers, you can fit 2 of those fully inside of the SHELL of this laser and still have extra space. I disassembled this device after testing and found that 30% of the tallness is just empty space.

Continuous run time lasts 4hrs until the light fades away. It lasts about 2 weeks of daily use from a full charge

The red laser dot is very large, about the size of a dime.
The top lid where the light comes out is super glued in place, but with effort it reveales an exposed magnifying glass in a cm of empty space. The magnifying glass is in an encasement thats screwed into place and also superglued so you cant adjust the focal length to make the dot smaller.


Those lasers work very well, and they have a nice look and do the trick.

Very good, nicely packaged too , nothing short of a direct hit from above would have damaged it.

Excellent Laser!

This thing is a BEAST! Super bright, focused beam, very high quality and compact housing. Highly recommend. *mine shipped in two parts, likely for customs purposes*

I'm impressed

There is not very much to say about the Thor M 2. I ordered the 3000mW Version. It's a powerhouse! everything burns immediately if the focus fits. CD cases, balloons, yes, and flies and mosquitoes are no longer safe either. Only the beam diverges from about 10 meters. But the beam expander successfully fixed that. The ordering process was very transparent and the goods arrived within the specified time window. Clear purchase recommendation from me!