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Budget LPM

I'm very happy with my purchase. This "budget" laser power meter works great. I was a bit sceptic about this LPM because others on the web are very expensive but now, after testing it, it works and it's really accurate! Hope it will be durable for many years but the overall quality looks nice so i'm confident with this product.

Works great for 450 nm, 520 nm, and 532 nm

I tested them out and they work well for my green lasers, and adequately for my blue lasers, but didn't seem to block enough light from my violet lasers to be safe. I'd recommend them for use with green lasers (can't beat the price), but not for 405 nm violet.

This LPM can't be beat for the price!

It's very small. I got the one with the blue display. The display looks much better (clearer) in person than it does in the product photos. It seems like it has a little trouble reading in the 0-2 mW range, but everything above 3 mW seems to work fine. The box it shipped in will function nicely as a case. The thermopile is inset only a little bit, protecting it somewhat (I'd recommend future designs maybe inset it more or provide a removable dust cover) - this is better than every other design I've seen where the thermopile is just open to the elements.

You might want to be forewarned that the paperwork that came with the device cautions against using it on lasers more powerful than 5000 mW for more than a few seconds. I don't have any such lasers myself, but, if it takes longer to stabilize than it is safe to expose, it's probably not truly functional at those higher power levels. So, maybe, more realistically than 1 - 9999 mW, it should be spec'd at 3 - 5000 mW. Since there are fairly few lasers out there >5W, I don't think it really matters that much, though.

520 nm 100 mW Green

I purchased the 520 nm 100 mW Green TTL. There was initially a shipping problem, but LPS was extremely helpful and shipped me a replacement very quickly when the courier lost the original shipment. The TTL laser came with a power supply and works wonderfully. I tested it at 94 mW. The spectral peak is narrower than I expected.

520 nm Laser 202

Wow. I'm blown away. The construction is solid (must be brass, too heavy to be aluminium). Tested with a meter at 5 mW (which is extremely bright for a green laser pointer). And it came with a rotating star cap as a nice surprise. The spot is sharp and the alignment is spot-on. All for less than a quarter of what I've paid in the past for less quality.

Tell you when it gets

Tell you when it gets here.

I bought one of these from another seller...

It is nice, but I had bought the 5 watt and i got the 3 watt. I don't know why these are so much resold by others and are under powered.

Gatlling 520nm 100mW

Awesome as always sturdy design.

It will be a very good laser if....

I wanted to say that you should make sure you get your Thor Ultra from this site. There are other sites that re sell these under different names, including Odin and B970. The re sellers usually sell an you an under powered unit. If you ordered a 5 watt, you will get a 3 watt. This is typical of these re sellers. Beware.

solid equipment that feels well built. .

It does get a little loose though where the seal wears down. I would add a second seat for another seal to stop it from getting loose and add some parafin wax to stop seal rubber from wearing down

Fast and easy

Shipping made fast and product as expected

455nm Royal Blue 150mw Laser Review

Excellent quality and design pocket version laser arrived in less than two weeks, included everything safety glasses, charger, cleaning cloth. Laser is bright with good sized beam for the size. I have no way to measure to check the wavelength or milliwattage claims, but I am very much pleased with the price as well as quality of both the diode and the host. I would like to thank and sanwu for their honest and speedy turnaround/prompt delivery which has been above and beyond my expectations.

Great laser

Nice beam for a red laser. Good quality for the price.


Excellent!! Received the item earlier than expected. Recommend seller.

As Advertised.

As Advertised.

Thor H 300mw 520nm laser

Just got it today after 15 days from placing the order. Was shipped within two days and got to my doorstep in the USA in 13 days. Upon putting 2 16340 batteries in, it was obvious the power rating is probably near the rated 300mw, if not above! It rivals the brightness of a 445nm Gatling style laser pretty well, and the beam itself is certainly brighter than the 445m. Threads are all smooth, starcaps are neat too. This laser burns with ease when focusing, I had no issues cutting tape and lighting matches but I couldn't light a candle, the 500mw version probably could though! Great value, but user needs to supply batteries. Beam slightly misaligned with the body of the laser but other than that, the laser met my expectations and the quality of the host exceeded my expectations.

I like the design and

I like the design and power of the light, the lenses are good fun

This is my 3rd Thor Blue Laser

My first Thor 2 laser was the 1.5 watt variant. It exceeded all expectations. So much so I sold it and bought the 3 watt.version a month or two later. After using the 3 watt for a few I'm going to be a week I noticed that the spring where the battery rests and actually melt it down into its plug. I called the friend who I sold the first laser to and had him look at his it also did the same. I think this is their only flaw the spring will melt the the plastic plug that it sits in in a spring will go a ajar and be crooked. All you can really do is get like a pic or something in there and bend it straight. I think that I just pulled so much voltage from the batteries that it gets hot and melted I've not seen a Thor laser that does not do this. I recently sold my first three watt laser to another friend and bought a third Again I bought the 3 watt blue laser.. I intend on buying a 1,000 mw green next. Great customer service great product highly recommend them and I do actually anytime a friend was asked me where I got it I tell them exactly and forward the website to them.. Also this time I got the beam expander Oh my God. If you're going to buy four laser you may as well put it in your budget to get the beam expander too because it's just that good I don't know that I'll ever take it off. Worth every penny.

Thor h series 520nm 300mw

Absolutely awsome laser bright and powerful

I got it for free

I got it for free when asking for an alternative patn


I oys petevt!

520nm 1 watt amazing

I just got this laser and I wasn't even expecting half the brightness! This thing is like a light beacon in the sky and the beam can probably be seen from 100m away. The host is also really nice and well made, would recomend

Can__ really tell the difference

Maybe it__ just me but the expander seems to make the beam less focused and thus not able to burn stuff as good. To be honest, there are too many things to adjust to get a focused beam in my opinion. In any case, the laser does burn stuff without the expander so overall I__ happy.

doesn__ focus.

so it doesn__ focus all the way(so I can__ burn anything) and it doesn__ turn on whenever i press the button so i have to take out the batteries and turn it on again.

Just perfect

Easy, no hassle, quick and global. That__ service!