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I could measured properly the power of my Lase pointer.

Product is of great quality, satisfied 100%

JD 850 Laser Pointer


Good quality laser for the price. Also fast delivery.

I do like it.

I do like it. And very nice to do deal with.
Hope to do more later.

Its performance is great and I do like it.

Its performance is great and I do like it.
Reliable shop. Very nice to do deal with.
Hope to do more later.


Thor H - 500mw green is very bright! I own a 1 watt green and I tell you, this laser is not a let down at all! Not to mention my watt cost 3 times more than this laser. Hands down a great buy! Small enough, but not too small. Great laser!
Great customer service is what I've always gotten from the LPS!- This made my 5th from problems.

Very powerful and very compact.

I have bought the 1W 520 nm Guardian with multiple modes. The power is impressive, and the size is tiny. It’s very hefty and this gives it an air of quality although the smooth copper surface scratches very easily in my pocket. The on-off key is very recessed, which makes it impossible to press by accident. Unfortunately in my example it also does not make very good contact, which makes it impossible to change modes. Hod I known that, I would’ve bought the single mode. As it is, it is completely impossible to pick between low, mid, high and strobe. In my example it’s either low power or full power (when it works), and sometimes strobe but it’s only by accident that you can change between them. The only frustration in an otherwise nice device.
The beam is extremely visible at night and even at daytime indoors.

Works as intended, great price

Obviously no batteries included, but great price. I bought 2x 532mn. They are labeled as "<5mw", so they are "legal" in my country, but they are more like 50mw. Bright enough to blind you in an instant, so would never use with my cat, but not powerful enough to burn... even when focused at a point. The beam is visible indoors in broad daylight, and is awesome at night! I wish it were a bit bigger in diameter, but the small housing makes up for that.

Aside from the 4-month shipping... I am considering grabbing a few more, especially the 405nm(purple) and maybe a 630nm(red) to compare brightnesses. - I will leave a comment when those arrive...

Definitely recommend if you are looking for a fun outdoor tool that will impress your friends!


Gatling stretch 3Watt blue came today- within the 2 weeks promised time as always. This laser is HOT!- Clocks in at 3.745 mw on my power meter. This is my 5th laser from LPS, and once again, the laser is OVER SPEC & AWESOME!
This is the one to buy! The beam expander fits nicely and let's you burn at an even longer distance, keeping the dot tight. Will be buying another laser from you guys soon! The customer service is really top notch!- you never expect someone to contact you from China, but they will!! Very pleased!! Very good company!!

Sanwu Pocket Series Laser Pointer


Well worth it. Got the starter model, 150mW green. It’s still way ahead of any other laser I have purchased. Very powerful beam. Goes as far as I can point!

Red is legit, Violet is not

The red is nice a bright and is viewable several hundred feet away at night.

The violet is barely visible in the dark on a piece of white paper. YMMV but the violet laser isn't worth the cost of postage.

Its pretty good

Just as described.


Awesome laser, fast delivery

Buen producto

Muy buena relación calidad/precio

Must have for THOR H2 long distances

This is a must have for the THOR H2 for long distance. The beam expander makes the dot smaller at larger distances and it makes a huge difference!

Greater laser, personally glad I got it over M2

I was thinking about getting the M2 laser, but am I glad I got this one. It is a bit more on the expensive side compared to the M2, but I really love the "safety switch" feature on the bottom of this one. I don't have a laser power meter, but it certainly is a beast. I got the 3 watt varient. Glasses are extremely recommended when using this though!

As promised

The equipmente I purchased made a swift joruney and was delivered safely to my address. I opened it and the equipment worked just fine. Thank you!

Thor h2 laser

Arrived early good quality, and excellent service and support. All my items from laserpointerstore have been top notch. Thank you so much again Emily for all your help

Best lasers you can find in this price range !!

Best lasers at the best budget, the shipping was fast and i didn't have problems with it. I ordered a thor h2 3w on 23 dec and i received on 6 ian. Works very good and the build quality is good.
I ordered 10 months ago a thor m2 1.6w and it still works very well.
In my opinion this is the best 3w laser that you can find

488 pocket

Всегда хотел себе брэндовый, качественный лазер, и я получил его! Корпус выполнен аккуратно и качественно, имеется фирменная гравировка. Задняя крышка и фокусирующий колпачок выполнены настолько точно, что как бы сливаются с корпусом без мельчайших щелей. Размеры меня так же очень удивили, лазер действительно очень мал. Днем точку видно очень хорошо на снегу, на зданиях. Ночью луч не слишком яркий, не привлекает лишнего внимания, в то же время его видно очень четко. В туманный вечер луч будет очень ярким. Цвет красивый. Не смотря на то,что это всего лишь 60 мВт, сфокусированный, он ЛЕГКО зажигает спички. Секунд после 30, лазер уже слегка нагревается, но не критично. Так же лазер имеет плавное включение, что,как я понял, призвано продлить срок службы лазерного диода. В общем, однозначно рекомендую.

Nice unit

Fantastic little unit. The dot is shinning a lot, allowing some cool photo patterns.
IF only there were indications about the positioning of the battery without the help of a pdf file, that would be perfect (i.e.: not the same as green laser)

Not bad

Ordered 650nm 100mw. It burns in short distance when the lens is adjusted to make a tiny dot. It's a bit difficult to burn white objects or objects further than 5m. Also, battery should be inserted with positive toward the diode. I'd say the price matches the quality.

Powerful and battery’s last a while! Good laser

Very powerful. Easy to focus. Make the dot smallest snd sharpest focus and point st something dark to burn easy. Make sure to get protection for ur eyes.
Recommending to friends.