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Sanwu CHALLENGER II Laser Pointer



Source directly from Sanwu Laser Factory.

Free Batteries, Charger, and Goggles.



Product Code:MODULE(CII)
Product Condition:New

Challenger II – the level up version of challenger

Starting off with larger copper housing and a substantial copper heatsink which allows the challenger II to handle powerful laser diodes up to 3W(3000mw).

Challenger II requires two 18350 li-ion rechargeable batteries to run and it promises a solid running time because of higher capacity: three times higher than the challenger series

The Challenger II gives the users a very solid feeling when in use, a golden size for a handheld laser device.

Product Spec:


Nickel copper alloy, 24*140mm with 30mm copper heatsink


Two button top 18350 li-ion batteries(included), negative casing

Duty cycle

405nm (60 seconds on & off), Others (Unlimited)


One year


Operation modes & Safety lock 

Single mode
On / off

Multi operations mode
Low power, half power, strobe, full power, sos and safety lock(<1mw)

Half-tap the tail switch to cycle between each mode, our driver will always starting with the last operation mode that used for more than three seconds

Electronic lock
To prevent unauthorized use, half-tap the tail switch three times within the first three seconds after the laser is on and wait another three seconds to let the the beam turns dim which indicates the laser has been locked

To Unlock
Repeat the same process but half-tap five times instead, wait three seconds after the input

Driver protections
Our driver also comes with several battery protections:
over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection

Wavelength and Power

405nm Violet – 1.6W, 445nm Blue – 3W, 455nm Blue – 150mW, 465nm Bright Blue – 2W, 470nm Bright Blue – 4.5W, 488nm Cyan – 100mW, 492nm Cyan – 160mW, 505m Mint Cyan – 50mW, 520nm Mint Green – 150mW, 520nm Green – 1W, 525nm Green – 150mW, 525nm Green – 1.2W, 635nm Bright Red – 300mW Single Mode Diode, 635nm Bright Red – 1W, 638nm Red – 1.8W G84 Three Laser Beams

Operation mode

Single Mode, Multiple Modes

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Problems with challenger 2

Well the delivery was great and I really like the laser
had a really strong blue beam 
Lots of my friends are going to order from you 
But now the lazer won’t turn on and the 2 batteries don’t appear to take a charge...the first time I charged them the charger lights would stay red and then turn green but now the lights on charger stay green when u put the batteries in 
And the laser won’t work so I’m pissed off about the 460$ Canadian price and the batteries are dead and won’t charge...I’m hoping it’s just the batteries and not the laser itself... I would really appreciate if you would send me some batteries to try so I can know if the laser isn’t defective..otherwise this laser is awesome and high quality and I hope it’s not the laser itself 


I have three of these, they are excellent. I got the 405nm, the 465nm and the 525nm. They are all great. The 465nm is very powerful. All three can burn stuff without even focusing. The 405nm is less visible than the others and can be deceptively powerful because it looks much weaker to the naked eye than it really is. If I could do it again I'd probably get something other than the 405nm, maybe the red or the three-dot red, but it is such a nice shade of purple that I still like it a lot.

According to Sanwu's website, "the 470nm and the red" take 2x 18350 batteries and the rest take 1x 18650, but there are multiple reds and they don't specify which, so you may want to contact laserpointerstore support to verify which yours takes so you can order spares. 18650s are good because you can get them with around 5000mah, which is equal to 8x 10440 Pocket batteries. 2x 18350s would be around 2200mah, equal to a little less than 4x Pocket batteries.

You also might want to contact laserpointerstore to verify if the pointer you're ordering is single or multi-mode, as multi-mode can be a bit annoying for some people.

I did not ask what lens these come with, but I assume it's either 3-Element or G7.

Great Little Laser

Initially could not be sure whether it was meant to run 18650s or 18340s. If using 18340s you need a slightly shorter variant which is available on ebay. The spring on the cap was a bit faulty on mine but once sorted very pleased with the beam brightness and carry even in daylight. Mine seems to be the on/off model and seemed a little brighter with a 2_3.7v battery configuration, just need to be ever mindful to not leave it on for more than a minute and be very aware of where its pointed. Great for getting rid of noisy, destructive correllas in trees. Needs to be supplied with basic instructions though.

Best you can get!!

This is hands down the best laser money can buy other than building your own. That being said they need to update the info on the site. The site says the laser needs 2 18350 button top but the one I received uses 1 18650b. Luckily laserpointerstore added several extras that I did not order. It came with a battery, a charger, 5 star caps, and some cheesy glasses that I would not recommend using if you value your eyesight. All in all a great experience and I would definitely purchase from here again!


I was very pleased when I received my order in the mail, not only was it shipped fast but it was exactly what I wanted and the extra feature on there is pretty cool.