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301 Prome Series Laser Pointer

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The Prome series, idea from Prometheus. Means this series laser can really burn items.

On the market, there are a lot overstate lasers, here we will tell you the true output we are selling:

Prome Red (650nm)

Burning Ability: Strong, very easily to burn items.

Prome Green (532nm)

Burning Ability: Weak, you need technic and patience to burn items. the laser beam is super bright.

Prome Violet (405nm)

Burning Ability: Medium, better than green but weaker than the red. plus it’s a uv light.

Prome Blue (450nm)

Burning Ability: Super strong. You can only get the blue one here. The laser is small but the blue one is a monster.

All the lasers can burn BLACK head match. and the red one can burn more items. The blue one? a weapon.

Package Includes:

1 x Prome Laser Pointer (battery is not included)

Batteries are NOT included, because of the strict shipping policy. You need 1* 18650 battery for Green, Red and Violet laser. 2* 16340 batteries for Blue laser.

Technical Specs

Name Prome 301 Laser Pointer
Size 15*2*2 cm
Laser Type Direct Diode
Wavelength 405nm violet 450nm blue 532nm green 650nm red
Beam Divergence 3.6mRad 3.6mRad 2.4mRad 1.2mRad
Beam Diameter 4mm At Aperture 4mm At Aperture 1.5mm At Aperture 4mm At Aperture
<20mm at 10 meters <20mm at 10 meters <13mm at 10 meters <8mm at 10 meters
Laser Body Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser Finish Black
Modes Single On/Off Mode
Power Supply 2*16340 or 1*18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (package not include)
Working Voltage 3.7V for Green, Red and Violet laser. 7.4V for Blue laser.
Weight 0.08kg


Power Test

Nearly 1.5W for Blue laser.


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Customer Reviews

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301 Prome Series Laser Pointer

Quit working after 2 days

I was very excited to get this laser pointer and although it did do what it said it would just two days after I got it it seems not to work anymore. I've contacted the customer service I hope I get a timely resolution

Great Laser Pointer

Good laser for the entry level laser fan's. I have no complaints with my purchase. Very bright and very strong for the mw rating.
I will buy again from Laser Pointer Store.


Very good

303 405nm laser pointer

Arrived early good quality and very efficient service and support. Would definitely recommend laserpointerstore.