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303 Prome Star Series Laser Pointer

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The Prome series, idea from Prometheus. Means this series laser can really burn items.

The Prome Star is a 2in1 version, which come with an additional star cap to project patterns.

On the market, there are a lot overstate lasers, here we will tell you the true output:

Prome Star Red (650nm): 

Burning Ability: Strong, very easily to burn items.

Prome Star Green (532nm): 

Burning Ability: Weak, you need technic and patience to burn items. the laser beam is super bright.

Prome Star Violet (405nm): 

Burning Ability: Medium, better than green but weaker than the red. plus it’s a uv light.

Prome Star Blue (450nm): 

Burning Ability: Super strong. You can only get the blue one here. The laser is small but the blue one is a monster.

All the lasers can burn BLACK head match. and the red one can burn more items. The blue one? a weapon.

Package Includes:

1 x Prome Star Laser Pointer

Batteries are NOT included, because of the strict shipping policy. You need 1* 18650 battery for Green, Red and Violet laser. 2* 16340 batteries for Blue laser.

Technical Specs

NameProme 303 Laser Pointer
Size16*2*2 cm
Laser TypeDirect Diode
Wavelength405nm violet450nm blue532nm green650nm red
Output Power30mw1300mw<50mw100mw
Beam Divergence3.6mRad3.6mRad2.4mRad1.2mRad
Beam Diameter At Aperture4mm At Aperture4mm At Aperture1.5mm At Aperture4mm At Aperture
<20mm at 10 meters<20mm at 10 meters<13mm at 10 meters<8mm at 10 meters
Laser BodyAircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser FinishBlack
ModesSingle On/Off Mode
Power Supply2*16340 or 1*18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (not include)
Working Voltage3.7V for Green, Red and Violet laser. 7.4V for Blue laser.





Customer Reviews

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All right

All right

Punchy 18650 green laser

The green laser 303 Prome Star is the perfect balance between power and visibility. It’s not too punchy. I don’t have to worry about accidentally burning anything, but it’s easily visible in broad daylight. I don’t know how long an 18650 will last, but I’ve been operating it with the same battery for a bit now and I don’t see any sign of it slowing down. My understanding it that it’s 50mW, so that should run for some time. It doesn’t generate any excess heat. I have 18650 flashlights that get very hot in comparison. I like the keyed lockout and adjustable focusing element. The only thing that I wish it had is a switch lock. I’ll get around this in the future by just taping down the switch, but a way to lock the laser on would have made this the perfect laser pointer. That being said, I easily give it 5 stars as it’s exactly what the product page described. FYI, the shipping really does take two weeks, so order it sooner than later if you have a deadlined need for it.


Tutto Perfetto

303 Prome Star Series

All things ok.

They had what I was looking for, but…

They has the laser pointer that I wanted, but after placing the order I realized that it was shipping from China. Took several weeks to receive. In the meantime, I ordered the same laser pointer off of eBay, it was located in the US, arrived within a week, and came with a battery and charger, all for the same price. The laser pointer I received works as intended.