20W Portable Laser Power Meter

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Product description

HWLPM-20W is a portable and integrated laser power testing tool that can be carried around. It is simple to use, convenient to carry, built-in rechargeable battery, wide spectrum, high sensitivity, and fast response, with a wide range of applications.

Measuring objects

  • Portable Laser
  • High power laser pen
  • laser star pointer
  • laser single tube and module
  • fiber laser

Usage method

  1. Open the switch at the charging port
  2. Use the laser parallel light to incident on the detection port
  3. Wait for the value to stabilize, and the display will display the current power of the laser. If the power meter does not return to zero for a long time, you can press the return to zero button for 3 seconds to return to zero.


The probe is a critical and sensitive device, and the surface coating should not be touched or maliciously damaged, otherwise it will seriously affect the accuracy of testing laser power. It there is dust, it can be gently wiped with a dry cotton swab. When measuring, the laser cannot focus on the detection port, which can cause irreversible permanent damage to the probe.

Parallel light can be used for measurement.

Special notes

This product is not suitable for long-term measurement of lasers above 20W. It can measure short-term peak values of 20W-40W lasers. Long periods of time may result in inaccurate readings due to insufficient heat dissipation.

Technical parameters

Measuring range of spectrum 200m-2200m
Measuring range 0-20W
Display Color Green
Valid range of probe port Ф16mm
Destructive threshold 100KW/c㎡
Response time < 2 seconds
Measuring accuracy within ±3%
Resolution 1 mW
Built-in power supply 3.7V 700mAH lithium polymer battery.

Please use ordinary 5V charger.

Stand-by time > 12 hours
Overall dimension L 98mm x W 70mm x H 28mm
Weight 270g