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Pointeur laser modèle 890

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1 pointeur laser modèle 890

Les piles sont NE PAS inclus, en raison de la politique d'expédition stricte. Vous avez besoin de 1 batterie 18650 pour le laser rouge et vert 532 nm et de 2 batteries 16340 pour le laser bleu 450 nm et vert 520 nm.

Spécifications techniques

Nom Pointeur laser modèle 890
Taille 19*2.5cm
Type de laser Diode directe
Longueur d'onde 450nm bleu 532nm vert 650nm rouge
Divergence du faisceau 3,6 mrad 2,4 mrad 1,2 mrad
Diamètre du faisceau 4 mm à l'ouverture 1,5 mm à l'ouverture 4 mm à l'ouverture
<20mm à 10 mètres <13mm à 10 mètres <8mm à 10 mètres
Corps laser Aluminium de qualité aéronautique
Finition laser Argent
Modes Allumé éteint
Source de courant Batterie rechargeable au lithium-ion 2 * 16340 ou 1 * 18650 (emballage non inclus)
Tension de travail 3,7 V pour le rouge et le vert. 7.4V pour le bleu
Poids 0,08 kg





Avis des clients

Based on 15 reviews
Brian P.
This Model 890 is For Real!

I ordered the Green 520 @500mw and its one of the best bangs for the buck on the planet! I tested with their Pocket LPM and a Laserbee (several tests on several lasers and both LPM's were always no more than 10mw from each other) and they both showed my model 890 at over 660mw with a max of 674mw with fully charged batteries. Maybe I just got lucky with a great module inside, but this thing is worth every penny and then some! Very well built with a light aluminum host and focusable front lens. Get it. You won't regret it.

Great laser, great price!

Love my 300mw green laser, thanks!

Great color, terrible optics

This laser is hefty and ergonomic, and its teal beam color is absolutely gorgeous. The optics, however, are very poor. Rather than a pinpoint accurate beam, there's a large rectangular shape cast on your target surface along with the bright spot. Very disappointing.


I cannot get the batteries right you recommend the 18650 but this is only 3.7 volt and gives a very poor light I tried using 2 x CR123 Lithium non-rechargeable and these work well at 2 x 3.7 volts (7.4V) is this higher voltage what is needed?

C'est plutôt bon

Tel que décrit.