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Awesome lazar

I haven’t used it much but it’s pretty powerful. I’m gonna buy the cyan.

This laser is FIRE (488nm) - Cyan

Love the color. have used it in a professional setting to dazzling success. would recommend, just make sure people like you, cuz it did make a couple people ask me how powerful it is. It is slightly powerful.

Better than my Thor H2

Just received my 960 3W replacement as the first was DOA.

It has a stronger close distance spot, more rugged construction than the Thor H2, overall nice simple design.

Compared to Thor H2, it has no multimode which does have situational functional purpose. It has 1 colliating lens with it's flat lens diode compared to Thor H2 2 lens system + it's ball lens diode and additional beam expander.

Overall the hands on feel and use of the 960 is in practicality what I like better...

If they came out with a 960 with multimode and better collimation it would be great. But will lose optical power output with the additional lens which I would not mind at all, can always get a stronger diode.


Absolutely solves any problems you would have with bad nighttime lighting.
Unfortunately scares the neighbours and their pets; use with care.

Pointeur laser Sanwu CHALLENGER II

Sanwu CHALLENGER II Laser Pointer.
I am very happy with this laser.
Everything is exactly as described.
A powerful and beautiful looking laser.


Awesome! But tricky to find the right battery.

Did not get it yet

Unfortunately I did not get this item yet, please make sure I will recive it! Waiting for too long time!!!

3x optical expander

works good with striker, only .6 watt loss, cleans up and extends beam. 1.4 watt loss with silver, i think it has to do with NM. greg

no packaging poor quality

no packaging poor quality

No lasers

I never received my order. I never received a tracking number. I never received any shipping info. And I never received a response from you giving me any info. My order number is 11326 please try to find out what happened to my order .

Love the laser

Love the laser

Quit working after 2 days

I was very excited to get this laser pointer and although it did do what it said it would just two days after I got it it seems not to work anymore. I've contacted the customer service I hope I get a timely resolution

Stopped working shortly after unpacking.

I bought the black model 960, and it seems to have a diode/connection problem right after I put two 16340 batteries in, and turned it on. 😔


With a very low cost for a quality piece in the received item, there's no much room ocupied and filled already with EXCELLENCE !!!

sanwu silver

sanwu silver- 470nm 7watt pointer. copper diode housing, copper heat sink, copper pointer housing, 6.2 watts on LPM. "love it" "Greg"


wonderful laser thank you

As good as I hoped it to be

450nm blue. 3000mw/3W
Very strong laser. If you want a powerful laser to easily ignite things. You won’t be disappointed. Burns skin, be careful. Burns light colours easily. Big beam. Easily engrave into wood/other objects. If you have only had the lower power 1W lasers, this is a massive upgrade it’s as good as you hope it to be. Don’t let the laser be turned on for a while, no longer than a minute. It does get warm/hot and you don’t want to risk burning it out. Especially because it’s a high priced laser. Look after it 🙂 I will be getting the 7w or the 7w+ in future if it become cheaper.

I will 100% be using this website/seller again for laser pointers. This arrived to the U.K. in 10 working days, no issues.

The only ‘bad’ thing I would say if that there is no strap, or really much of a way to attach a strap to go onto your wrist.

It’s also bright to look at, seriously don’t shine it in peoples eyes…it’s bright enough looking at it at the wall, looking at it for only a couple of seconds if that, you will see the laser in your eyes for a few minutes like if you look at the sun. It’s also recommended to wear the laser glasses (I have some they are really good and you can look at the laser easily as it reduces the brightness massively so you can see it. However it’s harder to see when you are burning things due to you seeing reduced light)

leather and aluminum box

works great for storing laser and laser equipment

White Laser is AWESOME

Cannot beat the price - the balance in color is near perfect - sometimes hot pink but appears true white on proper background

power meter results

they showed on you tube the power showed on meter was 7mw per watt over. this is true with new unit. after use "4 to 6 times" power on meter is correct. i like it very much.

Excellent quality laser at a good price

I recently received my laser, the cyan version. It is flawless.
The laser beam itself is a gorgeous shade of cyan/blue, and the low divergence is really impressive. The machining of the body of the laser is also very high quality, with the seams for the battery and lens cap practically invisible until you start to turn them.
In the box came protective glasses that filter out the correct wavelength, a charger for the battery, and several cleaning cloths.
The arrived wrapped in a static proof bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, so nothing was damaged and it was packaged quite neatly. Shipping itself was very fast, considering the long distance. The time between when the order was shipped and when it arrived was only 9 days.


This laser is perfect, its incredibly bright with a sharp focused dot.
Its a great laser, with a great price, and a great build, its just perfect.

Love my Sanwu pocket

I've never bought a Sanwu Pocket straight from Sanwu, but the one I got through LPS is awesome. So beautifully machined. Recommended.

Green laser

I'm very impressed with the power of the green laser. Almost like a green flashlight.


Holy mother of Jesus, this thing is powerfull!!!