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Ponteiro Laser Modelo 890

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From $25.00


O pacote inclui:

1 x ponteiro laser modelo 890

As baterias são NÃO incluído, por causa da política de envio estrita. Você precisa de 1 * bateria 18650 para laser vermelho e verde de 532 nm e 2 * baterias 16340 para laser azul de 450 nm e verde de 520 nm.

Especificações técnicas

Nome Ponteiro Laser Modelo 890
Tamanho 19*2,5 cm
Tipo de laser Diodo direto
Comprimento de onda 450nm azul 532nm verde 650nm vermelho
Divergência de feixe 3,6 mRad 2,4 mRad 1,2 mRad
Diâmetro do feixe 4mm na abertura 1,5 mm na abertura 4mm na abertura
<20mm a 10 metros <13mm a 10 metros <8mm a 10 metros
Corpo do Laser Alumínio para aeronaves
Acabamento a Laser Prata
Modos Ligado desligado
Fonte de energia 2*16340 ou 1*18650 bateria recarregável de íon de lítio (pacote não incluído)
Tensão de trabalho 3,7 V para Vermelho e Verde. 7,4 V para Azul
Peso 0,08kg





Avaliações de Clientes

Based on 17 reviews
Very pleased!

The lasers I ordered were received on time and working perfectly. Be sure to check the descriptions for the types of batteries needed for the specific color and power you order.


I have sent email on 2-10-24 requesting RMA for a return. Tried chat mode , no response! I will be calling my credit card tomorrow, please send RMA Immediately. UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

Brian P.
This Model 890 is For Real!

I ordered the Green 520 @500mw and its one of the best bangs for the buck on the planet! I tested with their Pocket LPM and a Laserbee (several tests on several lasers and both LPM's were always no more than 10mw from each other) and they both showed my model 890 at over 660mw with a max of 674mw with fully charged batteries. Maybe I just got lucky with a great module inside, but this thing is worth every penny and then some! Very well built with a light aluminum host and focusable front lens. Get it. You won't regret it.

Great laser, great price!

Love my 300mw green laser, thanks!

Great color, terrible optics

This laser is hefty and ergonomic, and its teal beam color is absolutely gorgeous. The optics, however, are very poor. Rather than a pinpoint accurate beam, there's a large rectangular shape cast on your target surface along with the bright spot. Very disappointing.