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Sanwu Pocket Series Laser Pointer

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How to change battery

Sanwu Pocket 488nm 492nm

The world’s smallest laser pointer

Made with stainless steel housing with a mini copper heatsink. The pocket series is virtually indestructible and in compact size to fit in your pockets.

Don’t fool by its size, the pocket laser is strong enough to hold up to several hundreds milliwatts of laser power enough to light cigarettes and ignite matches effortlessly without pinpoint focusing. It requires one 10440 li-ion rechargeable battery as power source.


Product Specs :

Housing  Stainless steel 99*13mm with 10mm copper heatsink
Battery Button top 10440 li-ion battery, negative casing
Duty cycle 40 seconds on & off
Warranty One year
Single mode
On / off
Multi operations mode
Low power, half power, strobe, full power, sosTurning on and off the laser to switch mode, the laser always starts with the mode that being used for more than three seconds in the last operation.
Driver protections
Our driver also comes with several battery protections: over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection



Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great laser pointer even with 1.5V batteries

I got the 60mW 488nm version cause I liked the color. The battery, protectiv glasses, cleaning towel and the small bag were included. I didn't manage to get the other modi running (half, strobe...) and I'm not shure whether these are included in this version. Nonetheless I found ordinary 1.5V batteries working with the laser. I made a rough check with an IR thermometer. With the delivered battery it showed 200°C (dropping to -20°C afterwards) and with the 1.5V it was 50°C (23°C room temperatur). It's very rought estimation but I would say it's about 8mW than. I also checked the protective glasses this way and no change in temperature was measured. So no invisible IR like some green lasers have (Note: The glasses are not protective against IR, I checked with an IR emitting laser). When changing the focus it's also possible to make a candle smoke (with original battery) and it should be enough to enlight matches with a calm hand this way.

492 nm Pocket Series

The color is beautiful. 100 mw will burn dark colored objects when focused. The beam is visible in a dark room.


Sanwu Pocket Series Laser Pointer

Great Laser

I got 488nm and 525nm Sanwu pocket lasers. They are dope for stargazing.

Sanwu pocket

I bought 2 pockets and on one of them I can’t even turn on cause the button is so loose and rattling. Wish someone would reply to my multiple tickets