3X Magnification Optical Expander



This expander reduces beam divergence by increasing the beam diameter by three times. It extends the effective range of the laser beam(visibility) dramatically. Made with a solid stainless steel housing, this expander is fully focus adjustable allowing users to control and focus the beam to where they want.

Product Spec:

Housing material: Stainless Steel

Expand Ratio: 3

Thread Pitch: 0.5mm

Connect hole size: 11.4mm

Exit hole size: 29.2mm

Compatible with:

Thor Series

Gatling Series


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Barry F.
solid equipment that feels well built. .

It does get a little loose though where the seal wears down. I would add a second seat for another seal to stop it from getting loose and add some parafin wax to stop seal rubber from wearing down

Phillip W.
Can__ really tell the difference

Maybe it__ just me but the expander seems to make the beam less focused and thus not able to burn stuff as good. To be honest, there are too many things to adjust to get a focused beam in my opinion. In any case, the laser does burn stuff without the expander so overall I__ happy.

Geoffrey V.

Arrived in good condition

Caden L.
Works good, not compatible with certain lasers

Does its job really well and works with most of my lasers, but will not thread onto a laser 303, so keep that in mind if you're purchasing it for that.

John B.
3x beam expander

Wow! Fits my Thor H as well as my spiker (with adapter). Definitely a must have! It will focus the beam into a very small, great for burning little dot!! Well worth the money!