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Puntero láser serie THOR H

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From $55.00


El láser de la serie THOR no solo tiene la M, también tiene la H, versión pesada.

Diferencias entre THOR H y THOR M:

Tapas de estrellas:

H: Gorras más grandes y pesadas

METRO: Letras minúsculas

Lugar para ajustar el enfoque:

H: Por la cabeza

METRO: Por el medio

El paquete incluye:

1 láser THOR H.

5 x Star Caps (4 patrones, 1 solo para decoración)


The most easy way to tell 1.6w apart from 3w version is : the 3w version will have a delay when you turn it on. and 1.6w version will turn on immediately.


Especificaciones técnicas

NombrePuntero láser serie THOR H
Tipo de láserdiodo directo
Longitud de onda450nm azul520nm verde650nm rojo
Divergencia del haz3,6 mrad2,4 mrad1,2 mrad
Diámetro del haz en la apertura4 mm en la apertura4 mm en la apertura4 mm en la apertura
<20 mm a 10 metros<20 mm a 10 metros<8 mm a 10 metros
Cuerpo láserAluminio de grado aeronáutico
Acabado láserNegro
ModosModo continuo de encendido/apagado único
Fuente de alimentación2*16340 batería recargable de iones de litio (no incluida)
Tensión de trabajo3,7 V para láser rojo. 7,4 V para láser verde y azul.
Peso0,3 kg







Opiniones de los usuarios

Basado en 41 reseñas
As good as I hoped it to be

450nm blue. 3000mw/3W
Very strong laser. If you want a powerful laser to easily ignite things. You won’t be disappointed. Burns skin, be careful. Burns light colours easily. Big beam. Easily engrave into wood/other objects. If you have only had the lower power 1W lasers, this is a massive upgrade it’s as good as you hope it to be. Don’t let the laser be turned on for a while, no longer than a minute. It does get warm/hot and you don’t want to risk burning it out. Especially because it’s a high priced laser. Look after it :) I will be getting the 7w or the 7w+ in future if it become cheaper.

I will 100% be using this website/seller again for laser pointers. This arrived to the U.K. in 10 working days, no issues.

The only ‘bad’ thing I would say if that there is no strap, or really much of a way to attach a strap to go onto your wrist.

It’s also bright to look at, seriously don’t shine it in peoples eyes…it’s bright enough looking at it at the wall, looking at it for only a couple of seconds if that, you will see the laser in your eyes for a few minutes like if you look at the sun. It’s also recommended to wear the laser glasses (I have some they are really good and you can look at the laser easily as it reduces the brightness massively so you can see it. However it’s harder to see when you are burning things due to you seeing reduced light)


Puntero láser serie THOR H

THOR H 450nm BLUE 3000

real output,very fast shipping,no customs problem and fees,very thanks to the laserpointerstore

Star Gazer

High power ,vivid Blue laser,super quality for a very decent price in can $ comparing laser market . Some sellers such as Sanwu are quite greedy while Laser Pointer Store keeps within the margins with the same quality if not better. Amazing laser pointer to handle with care and attention for your experiences. The most important ,fast and sure delivery . Flawless and always received the goods for a couple of years now.

Wonderful pointer

Very Bright, good beam quality and power for the price.