Aluminum Case For Laser Pointer Set

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This is a perfect case to pack laser, goggles, batteries and charger.

Size: 25*16*6 cm

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works well for storing laser.

Great little case.

Great little case. The foam isn't quite the perfect fit for the Thor M2 but that's a really easy fix. Great case!

Useful But Not Necessary

A detailed review by Snecho

It's ok. It's obviously not durable for rugged conditions because it is aluminum and very thin. But, it's a good place to store your laser and keep things in one place. The foams are cheap but get the job done.

Speaking of which, I decided to get it for the Thor M2. The laser doesn't fit well in the foam cutout for it because, the pointy attack head bezel and barbs on the tailcap cause it to cut into the foam making it very unpractical to get in and out. I just unscrew the tailcap and store it in an adjacent slot and that lets the rest of the Thor fit somewhat snugly in the laser slot. I could probably make the cutout a little longer by cutting away some foam in the future and that could fit the laser much better.

The rest of the slots aren't particularly useful. The picture in the listing of the inside cutouts IS NOT what I got. Mine has the laser slot, 5 big holes, 2 small holes, a rectangle cutout like in the picture, and the area for glasses. The 16340 batteries the Thor M2 uses don't fit in either the big or small holes. The 5 star caps the laser comes with also don't fit in a dedicated hole. You can put them in the 5 big holes, but they will be loose in and rattle around. The rectangle slot can hold a variety of things loosely. It's about the size of two 18650 batteries with an extra cm on top and the side. So it's good for throwing something in there. And lastly the glasses slot area isn't that needed. If you are getting a Thor, you need actual Eagle Pairs which already come with their own case, and not the cheap glasses that are supposed to fit in there. However, you can throw the Eagle Pairs in the glasses area just fine if you are going somewhere and/or want to keep everything in one place.

Overall, it's a good add-on to store your laser and some accessories and offers portability. But, it's not meant as protection for your laser as it's aluminum and very thin.

$15 is way overpriced for it and I would definitely like to see this as a $10 item.

Great fit for thor 2

Great fit for thor 2 and extra batteries