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White Laser is AWESOME

Cannot beat the price - the balance in color is near perfect - sometimes hot pink but appears true white on proper background

power meter results

they showed on you tube the power showed on meter was 7mw per watt over. this is true with new unit. after use "4 to 6 times" power on meter is correct. i like it very much.

Excellent quality laser at a good price

I recently received my laser, the cyan version. It is flawless.
The laser beam itself is a gorgeous shade of cyan/blue, and the low divergence is really impressive. The machining of the body of the laser is also very high quality, with the seams for the battery and lens cap practically invisible until you start to turn them.
In the box came protective glasses that filter out the correct wavelength, a charger for the battery, and several cleaning cloths.
The arrived wrapped in a static proof bag, wrapped in bubble wrap, so nothing was damaged and it was packaged quite neatly. Shipping itself was very fast, considering the long distance. The time between when the order was shipped and when it arrived was only 9 days.


This laser is perfect, its incredibly bright with a sharp focused dot.
Its a great laser, with a great price, and a great build, its just perfect.

Love my Sanwu pocket

I've never bought a Sanwu Pocket straight from Sanwu, but the one I got through LPS is awesome. So beautifully machined. Recommended.

Green laser

I'm very impressed with the power of the green laser. Almost like a green flashlight.


Holy mother of Jesus, this thing is powerfull!!!

yıldız kapaklar

love them. sight was spectacular


works well for storing laser.

Great laser pointer even with 1.5V batteries

I got the 60mW 488nm version cause I liked the color. The battery, protectiv glasses, cleaning towel and the small bag were included. I didn't manage to get the other modi running (half, strobe...) and I'm not shure whether these are included in this version. Nonetheless I found ordinary 1.5V batteries working with the laser. I made a rough check with an IR thermometer. With the delivered battery it showed 200°C (dropping to -20°C afterwards) and with the 1.5V it was 50°C (23°C room temperatur). It's very rought estimation but I would say it's about 8mW than. I also checked the protective glasses this way and no change in temperature was measured. So no invisible IR like some green lasers have (Note: The glasses are not protective against IR, I checked with an IR emitting laser). When changing the focus it's also possible to make a candle smoke (with original battery) and it should be enough to enlight matches with a calm hand this way.

sanwu striker 7watt

best pointer i own. will recommend this pointer to my friends.

Model 900 Lazer İşaretçi



Good for this price

Im quiet happy that I got a yellow lazer for a price so low (was about 160€ in sale at that time). It also works with the standard 1,5V AAA batteries. After some usage I was a bit suprised when the laser started to be weak green for some seconds bevore switching to yellow. Somewhat like a preheat phase. So I did some recherche on the net. Turned out 591nm are hard to achive an rather unsatable because a minor emission of a infrared diode is used. The main emission, normally used for green lasers, is mostly filtere away. When the battery is not fully charged it won't be enought do double the frequency. What reamins is green. If you just want to have a rare laser color and can deal with this issue than it's a good product especially when on sale. If not a better (and higher priced) laser is presumably better for you.


I got the laser but no batteries and it said it includes batteries too

1.6w 405nm Striker laser saber

Arrived early good quality as always. I always have a good experience with Laserpointerstore, all my questions and enquiries answered professionally. 5 stars.

492 nm Pocket Series

The color is beautiful. 100 mw will burn dark colored objects when focused. The beam is visible in a dark room.

1 Watt Blue Guardian

Great price. Came with a battery, battery charger, and safety goggles. Much better price than buying directly from sanwu lasers.

Cep Lazer Güç Ölçer

Very Powerful

Very powerful lasers! Great for use in the night sky and when its very foggy out.

Super bright, but web info needs update

The laser pointer is solid built and super powerful, so no complaints about that. However, not including batteries when the ad says "free batteries" is disingenuous at best. The web advertising page needs to be tweaked to say "Batteries not included" right up front... not hidden below in some obscure text citing shipping complications with lithium batteries.


its not the best in the market but you can not expect a better one for this price. So its totally wroth

Good for the price; room for small improvements

Works well, pretty much as advertised. Perhaps a future model could include some small improvements:
- Beam convergence could be a bit better, though I'm not sure there's much that could be done about that.
- The switch makes you cycle through all of the options, which is a problem if you want to turn the laser off quickly. I'd recommend that the switch should always turn the unit OFF if it has been at its current setting for more than 5 or 10 seconds.
- The end cap, which also doubles as the safety switch, is loose when turned to the safety position, and it could continue to loosen and fall off if you're moving around. A little friction might solce this problem, perhaps a light spring.

Otherwise, very happy with this. A good purchase.


I got just the laser only and it didnt have batteries in it so it is useless for now. I’d like if i can get a reply as soon as possible thank you.