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Very pleased!

The lasers I ordered were received on time and working perfectly. Be sure to check the descriptions for the types of batteries needed for the specific color and power you order.

Nice compact device

We received the device already charged and ready to use. Working for us. Thank you.

Arrived broken

It looks really cool. At first it turned on and it doesn't turn on anymore. So i checked after taking out the batteries and the negative terminal spring is bent sideways. Im afraid if i put the batteries in again, it will probably break off. What do I do now? How do I fix this?

Nice and well engineered

Very useful to get a good reading of the power of your lasers.
I’ve read a bit over 4000 mW on my most powerful laser so I’ve no idea how it works with the most powerful lasers of 5/6/7W and more.
Seems to have problems reading powers under 10 mW
Battery seems to last quite a lot of time too.
Probably not the most precise but at this price there’s nothing to really complain about.


It arrived with the focus very badly registered, (to focus to infinity I had to unscrew it for well over three turns!), and a rattling sound from near the lens.
I discovered that the threaded ring that locks the focusing mechanism under the lens was completely unscrewed, I fixed it and registered the lens properly so now it’s ok.
Also the power should have been 1600mW but it barely reaches 1300!
And this is using the same batteries capable of continuous 3A that pump over 3000mW from another model, so you can’t blame them for sure.
I like very much the design and after reading some very good reviews for the Thor M2, for it being over specs and with a lovely focusing mechanism, seems that they are not all engineered the same way, mine at least has been very badly assembled for sure.
Sorry guys, a well deserved single star!!!

Yeterince iyi

A nice tool for extending absolute distance as well as burning distance.
A bit disappointed by the fact that when you unscrew it to focus on something quite near, the top piece starts to wobble and move a lot.
I partially resolved with some very thin teflon tape over the thread but the definitive solution, in my opinion, should be putting a second o-ring on the top, where the thread begins.

Nice but…

Very powerful, over spec by over 200mW but the lens is a joke!
Come on guys, a plastic lens for a laser of over 3 Watt?
It lasted about 2/3 weeks before having a bubble the was so big that was distorting the beam in a manner that there was like a second beam coming from the side!
I bought a real glass lens, a G7, and now it performs even better reaching almost 3400 mW with some very good Panasonic batteries!
So 5 stars for the power but just 3 for the very disappointing choice of the plastic lens, so average is 4 stars.

Perfect delivery

Sehr Hell. Schnell geliefert.
Werd mir auch noch ein in einer anderen Farbe holen.

Worked perfectly

I ordered the lazer light for my cats. They and I are forever grateful. Unlike most laser lights this one uses triple A batteries and beings you can get them in rechargeable format, this light will last a very long time.

Punchy 18650 green laser

The green laser 303 Prome Star is the perfect balance between power and visibility. It’s not too punchy. I don’t have to worry about accidentally burning anything, but it’s easily visible in broad daylight. I don’t know how long an 18650 will last, but I’ve been operating it with the same battery for a bit now and I don’t see any sign of it slowing down. My understanding it that it’s 50mW, so that should run for some time. It doesn’t generate any excess heat. I have 18650 flashlights that get very hot in comparison. I like the keyed lockout and adjustable focusing element. The only thing that I wish it had is a switch lock. I’ll get around this in the future by just taping down the switch, but a way to lock the laser on would have made this the perfect laser pointer. That being said, I easily give it 5 stars as it’s exactly what the product page described. FYI, the shipping really does take two weeks, so order it sooner than later if you have a deadlined need for it.

Arrived withing 3 weeks

Good quality, batterys included, so far working great.

I don’t know

It’s been 23 days since I ordered and still have not received it. Please do something about this, it was meant to be a gift and I was alright with the “2 week shipping.” Well it’s been more than 3 weeks and I still haven’t been able to give the gift.

Sanwu Cep Serisi Lazer İşaretçi

It doesn't work

no instructions, doesn't work with AA or AAA batteries, hope it doesn't require watch type batteries
Give me a phone number to call for Help

301 Prome Serisi Lazer Pointer

Puntatore laser

Non mi è ancora arrivato vorrei un rimborso x mancata consegna 😡😡

Didn’t receive

Please provide the tracking number

laser flashlight

work,s great. i,ve had flashlight on for 3 hours, batteries only down 20%. super bright

didnt receive the item

Regarding the order 11879,please provide the tracking information

Good red laser 200 mW

The 650 nm laser is real
Amazing colour
Does light matches, cut electrical tape
Really recommend it
Probably 200 mW
Focusable and straight beam

Fast delivery, very good article quality

My first order at LaserPointerStore. Very good customer experience. Article as described, very good quality. Fast shipping, less than two weeks to Germany.



Like it but one of them makes a bit poor contact

I like the illustration what the pointer makes and my kids like it too. How ever one of the 3 same pointers (different colour) the press button makes or more doesn't make proper contact and sometimes its difficult to activate it (red one) but others has been working just fine.

Worth more than I paid

For $14 bucks I received a super powerful laser. I love it!