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591nm Laser Pointer

$169.00 $249.00


This is a revolutionary Laser Wavelength, the 591nm laser, you can’t find it from other places.

Paket İçeriği:

1 x Lazer İşaretçi Kalem

Piller OLUMSUZLUK sıkı nakliye politikası nedeniyle dahil. 2* AAA pile ihtiyacınız var.

Teknik özellikler

İsim 591nm Laser Pointer
Boyut 15.8cm x 1.4cm / 6.22”x 0.55”
Lazer Tipi Doğrudan Diyot
dalga boyu 591nm
Lazer Gövde Uçak Sınıfı Alüminyum
Lazer Kaplama Mavi
modlar Tek Açık/Kapalı
Güç kaynağı 2*AAA (her biri 1.5V) Pil
Ağırlık 0.05kg


Musteri degerlendirmeleri

1 incelemeye göre
Good for this price

Im quiet happy that I got a yellow lazer for a price so low (was about 160€ in sale at that time). It also works with the standard 1,5V AAA batteries. After some usage I was a bit suprised when the laser started to be weak green for some seconds bevore switching to yellow. Somewhat like a preheat phase. So I did some recherche on the net. Turned out 591nm are hard to achive an rather unsatable because a minor emission of a infrared diode is used. The main emission, normally used for green lasers, is mostly filtere away. When the battery is not fully charged it won't be enought do double the frequency. What reamins is green. If you just want to have a rare laser color and can deal with this issue than it's a good product especially when on sale. If not a better (and higher priced) laser is presumably better for you.