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Sanwu Silver Series Laser is a classic full copper chassis design laser.

Copper: A Remarkable Heat Dispersion Solution

The Silver series laser can rapidly cool down. The full copper chassis comes in two stylishly engraved housings. The Silver laser can be powered by two 18650 li-ion batteries.

Intelligent Laser Driver

Sanwu has developed the first intelligent driver specifically for the Silver to enhance the overall performance and output stability of a handheld laser. The multi-function driver continuously monitors and adjusts power consumption to protect both the laser diode and the driver itself.

Single-Operation Mode & Multi-Operation Mode

Single-operation mode lasers runs in full power mode only.

Multi-Operation mode lasers has five unique settings with an additional electronic safety lock function.

How to Access the Multi-Operation Functions

Half-press the button once to enter the next operational mode.

Memory Function

The laser powers on in the last operating mode that was in use for more than 3 seconds.

Electronic Safety Lock

To prevent unauthorized use, half-press the button three times within the first three seconds after youve powered on the laser. The laser should switch to strobe mode before entering the safety lock.

Unlocking the Laser

Power on the laser and wait one second. Next, half-press the button five times within three seconds and then wait another 2 seconds. The laser should now switch to strobe mode indicating that the laser is unlocked.

Adjustable Focus

The Silver has a fully adjustable focus. Just twist the attack head located at the top of the laser to adjust the beams focus.

Battery Protection

Our lasers come with several battery protections to protect the laser and the battery: over-discharge protection, over-charge protection and reverse polarity protection.

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Avaliações de Clientes

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Silver 1W 638nm Bright Red

One of the best Lasers that I have now, solid body, good performance, power output are 911mW and 1149mW without converging lens direct from diode, is using 3 element glass lens and does the best to reduce divergence but there are around 30% of power loss, the dot still rectangular but not to horrible levels like using G2 lens so is acceptable to use.
Collimator lens thread are protected by another thread with a glass circle, this allows to clean and remove dust easily in addition to giving you good protection for your lenses.
This thing shines insane at night, brighter than 100mW cheap greens and close to 1W blues but red dot is brighter.
The only problem I had was with switch tailcap, It doesn't allow me to use 2x 18350s because fills the body too much and doesn't fit, there is a spring between the switch and the body of button with a considerable size that causes this but with 18650s no problem, the solution would be to open the thread and remove the spring.
Focus and burn ability are good, can draw on wood and light dark matches instantly, and after 1 week of constant use my batteries still have more than 70% of charge, thanks to the good control of the driver.
Finally I completed my 1W laser trident, red, green and blue with this one,
Possibly the best high power red laser to get, shipping in 2 weeks without problems, recommended.

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5 watt 445

The beautiful laser was supposed to be 5 watt, but after testing it, it turned out to be around 6,2 watt. It has great burning capabilities and when focused it basically burns through whatever is in front of it. The beam is visible in the sunlight and in a dark room it gives a beautiful straight solid beam.

However there are a few minor issues I have noticed with this laser. One is that the beam diverges faster than some other Sanwu models. So without a beam expander, the maximum distance at which I got it to burn a wide leaf was around 4,5 meters. Another issue was that the button sometimes didn't get pressed correctly, leaving the laser on when you think it is off. You don't notice it immediately, because you are wearing protective goggles.

Overall a great laser pointer if you are looking for a powerful class 4.

sanwu silver

sanwu silver- 470nm 7watt pointer. copper diode housing, copper heat sink, copper pointer housing, 6.2 watts on LPM. "love it" "Greg"