Sanwu RGB Handheld Laser (Pre-sale)

  • This is a pre-sale product, delivery time is about 3 months.
  • Genuine Sanwu Laser, production on demand.
  • Free Goggles, Charger and Battery.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping.
  • Check with us if you don’t see your desired Sanwu lasers.

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This is the world’s first portable RGB handheld laser with three laser diodes inside a small stainless-steel body and precisely RGB beam aligned.

Please note this is a pre-sale product, delivery time is about 3 months.

RGB Total Output: 500mW
Power of Red 635nm:  200mW
Power of Green 525nm: 130mW
Power of Blue 455nm: 170mW

Color As You Like

To ensure the user has full control over the color of the laser beam, we have added four magnetic switches. Three of the switches allow you to control the power of each laser beam independently, so you can create any laser color, just like mixing paint.

Multiple Modes

The 4th magnetic switch allow you to change the mode from Constant light mode to Strobe Mode, Automatic Color Cycling Mode and SOS Mode.


This is a stainless-steel host with 14 tritium tube positions, size 1.5mm*6mm. Please note the tritium tubes are note included, you can buy from Amazon or Sanwu.

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