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Model 960 Laser Pointer



Package Includes:

1 x Model 960 Laser Pointer

Batteries are NOT included, because of the strict shipping policy. You need 2* 18650 batteries.

Technical Specs

NameModel 960 Laser Pointer
Size28*4 cm
Laser TypeDirect Diode
Wavelength405nm violet450nm blue532nm green650nm red
Beam Divergence3.6mRad3.6mRad2.4mRad1.2mRad
Beam Diameter4mm At Aperture4mm At Aperture1.5mm At Aperture4mm At Aperture
<20mm at 10 meters<20mm at 10 meters<13mm at 10 meters<8mm at 10 meters
Laser BodyAircraft-Grade Aluminum
Laser FinishBlack / Silver / Gold
ModesSingle On/Off Mode
Power Supply2*18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery (not include)
Working Voltage7.4V



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edgar P.
3 stars because it works

I bought the 3w and the one I received is just over 1.5w. Still very powerful but not 3w and weirdly not even around 1.6w so I'm not sure if its mix up between 3w and 1.6w or if just underpowered? Maybe I'm using the wrong batteries. But I am certain I am not, I'm using 2 16340 RCR123A 3.7v batteries. The site says not to use CR123A because its 3v but these say 3.7 and are a believable mah of 750 each.

I'd still buy it.

Matt R.

Overall I was quite satisfied with this product. It was constructed well and has the safety key lock feature which is a must for a laser thats this powerful. I would have given this a higher rating but it did not come with batteries or charger. This is listed in the product details but it's not very apparent. If the company could make that a bit more clear for future customers that would be great. Other than that, I was happy with my 1.6w blue laser.

Chrissi T.
Red Laser

Very Strong and Powerfull 205mw Measured Power.

Thanks for your feedback and test :)