We Care About Your Concerns

Is your company reliable?

We have been selling laser pointers for over 10 years. Our signature lasers are Thor M 2 and Thor H laser, we are the factory source. We have a great reputation on laserpointerforums, you can buy with confidence.

How is the power of your lasers?

We know most of laser sellers overstate the outputs, who are selling a 1w blue laser as a 10w one, with a sky high price.

We check our lasers by Laser Power Meter. The output we claim on product page will be lower than the real power.

Can I get the laser safely?

This is a top concerned question, as we are dealing with real high power lasers. We will answer the questions by 3 parts:

un. We have a “received or refund” policy. we guarantee you get your laser safely, if not, we will give you a full refund.

B. We have warehouses around the world. When we get your order, we will send lasers to the local warehouse that near you. Then we send it to you by local delivery service. So you are not the direct importer. In fact, by our efficient laser shipment, thousands of people get their lasers without any problems.


C. We have multiple ways to low down the customs risk. For different countries we have different ways, till now, the customs risk is almost 0.

How can i pay?

We accept Credit Card and some local payments. By Credit Card, the gateway server has PCI DSS certification, which will protect your card informations. We don’t store card info in any form.

Why I can’t finish payment by my credit card?

Sometimes you may fail to pay by your credit card. The transaction could be rejected due to insufficient funds, or behavior indicative of fraud. If there is enough money available in the card, you can try to call your bank and verify the payment. Once the bank has verified the payment, you should be able to make the purchase. For any help just contact us by Help Desk.

How long can I get my order and how can I track it?

Most of the time you can get your order in 2-3 weeks. We will provide you a tracking number so you can check the shipping status in real time. You can find the tracking number on the order details page when it’s shipped out.

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