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Pointeur laser rechargeable USB Mini Series

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Ceci est un mini pointeur laser USB, contient une batterie polymère rechargeable. vous pouvez l'utiliser pour jouer au chat, enseigner, envoyer un signal SOS.

 Luminosité du faisceau laser :

Vert > Rouge > Violet

Le forfait comprend :

1 x stylo pointeur laser

1 câble USB.

Spécifications techniques

NomPointeur laser USB Mini Series
Taille15,6 cm x 1,3 cm / 6,22 "x 0,55"
Type de laserDiode directe
Longueur d'onde532nm vert
Corps laserAluminium de qualité aéronautique
Finition laserPlusieurs
ModesMarche/Arrêt unique
Source de courantBatterie polymère rechargeable
Poids0,05 kg

Longueur d'onde

532nm vert, 650nm rouge

Avis des clients

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Pointeur laser rechargeable USB Mini Series

Great value for the money

These laser pointers work well and I love that they are rechargeable.

Didn’t receive

Please provide the tracking number

Pointer is huge, marker size but much taller. Lasts 4hrs, red laser dot quite large.

My first impression was DAMN this thing is huge. Its about as tall as a butterknife and the thickness is about the same as a permanent marker. If you're familiar with those dollar store / general hardware store lasers, you can fit 2 of those fully inside of the SHELL of this laser and still have extra space. I disassembled this device after testing and found that 30% of the tallness is just empty space.

Continuous run time lasts 4hrs until the light fades away. It lasts about 2 weeks of daily use from a full charge

The red laser dot is very large, about the size of a dime.
The top lid where the light comes out is super glued in place, but with effort it reveales an exposed magnifying glass in a cm of empty space. The magnifying glass is in an encasement thats screwed into place and also superglued so you cant adjust the focal length to make the dot smaller.


Those lasers work very well, and they have a nice look and do the trick.