Five problems needing attention in teasing cat with laser pen

Many cat owners like to tease cats with laser pens. Both people and cat are very happy. However, when we tease the cat with a laser pen, we still need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Do not use a patterned laser pen:

In order to increase fun, many people buy laser pens that can shoot different patterns. Indeed, these laser pens are very interesting, but for many cats, they are likely to scare them!

Not long ago, someone used a patterned laser pen to irradiate behind the cat’s ass when the cat was eating. As a result, the cat looked back after eating and jumped up with fear. Its effect is the same as putting cucumbers behind the cat’s ass. if the cat’s psychological tolerance is good, if it encounters someone with poor tolerance, It is likely to make the cat nervous too nervous. The harm is quite great, so if you want to buy a laser pen, don’t buy one with patterns. It’s bad because you will scare the cat!

2. Do not shine on the cat’s eyes:

The light of the laser pen is very strong. Neither human eyes nor cat’s eyes can bear the irradiation of this strong light. If the cat’s eyes are irradiated for a long time, it is very likely to cause irreversible eye injury to the cat!

In addition to direct irradiation, indirect irradiation is also prohibited. For example, the refraction of smooth objects such as mirrors will also cause damage to the cat’s eyes. Therefore, when teasing the cat, do not irradiate the cat’s eyes directly and indirectly.

3. Pay attention to the irradiation point:

The cat has a crazy attachment to the little red dot of the laser pen, so we must pay attention to the irradiation point when using the laser pen, and it is best to avoid some objects, because the cat is likely to bump into it when playing, which is easy to cause harm to the cat!

In addition, if you have fragile items such as flower pots at home, don’t irradiate them with laser pens. Don’t blame the cat if you are knocked down! Once a friend even irradiated the aquarium with a laser pen. It can be imagined that it has a bad impact on both fish and cats!

4. Be aware of the impact:

When the cat pours at the red laser spot, its claws are stretched out, mainly to increase the friction and make the strength and speed of the attack greater, which will inevitably make the cat’s claws contact the wood board. If the wood floor is scratched with claw marks, the gain is not worth the loss.

5. Mind the play timing.

the cat’s claws rubbing the floor will cause a certain sound, especially at night. It is a small noise disturbance to the neighbors around! So everyone should pay attention to the influence when playing!

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