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Useful to reduce huge beam divergences

Works fine, no problems with focus and fits well with threads, reduces huge beam divergence especially for my Class 4 638nm ones, although there are power losses during the conversion, my 638nm diode Oclaro HL63193MG from 520mW to ~420mW although I cannot confirm exactly, losses are between 20% and 10% this will also depend on the divergence.
Beam starts very thick but it gets smaller and smaller, during the thickness beam loses a bit of visibility but after some meters divergence becomes more beautiful and decent.


Solid piece of kit for the money.
It will burn, please be very wary of reflections too.

good lasers, terrible cycle design

the blue light has a more visible beam than the red, both throw pretty far.
the BIG problem is the cycle you must step through. red, blue, red&blue, red&blue flashing. you CANNOT simply turn on/off blue without going through red first. 2nd... the on/off switch is on the end while the step button is in the middle so it is a difficult one hand operation. i do not recommend buying until they fix the stepping problem.

All right

All right

Good product for money

Pocket LPM works amazing, but obviously it's not perfect, compared to high prices ones, readings of pocket have an erroneous result of 3% to 8% over power emitted from laser but just get a calculator and done, lasers have different size, I recommend getting a support for light to reach sensor without having in hand the laser because our pulse will not give us accurate and stable readings, sensor reacts easily.
Battery has good duration, and when it charges there is no heat or anything rare.
Arrive in 2 weeks to Chile, fast delivery, good service.
If you collect lasers this is necessary for you, you need a meter to check current power status, It has helped me a lot.

I haven't gotten one

Never received, was told I would get another sent but that also has not happened.

2in1 Dual Colors laserosoitin tähtikorkilla

The real deal

This is not a toy, insanely powerful and to be honest you don’t really need a laser this strong. Used it without the goggles and almost blinded myself in a fraction of a second. If you are going to buy it make sure to never point it at anything reflective or even partially reflective as you’ll mash your eyes up. If you’re buying one I’d recommend the 2 watt one as you can use it much more safely. Laser is proper tho

5 watt 445

The beautiful laser was supposed to be 5 watt, but after testing it, it turned out to be around 6,2 watt. It has great burning capabilities and when focused it basically burns through whatever is in front of it. The beam is visible in the sunlight and in a dark room it gives a beautiful straight solid beam.

However there are a few minor issues I have noticed with this laser. One is that the beam diverges faster than some other Sanwu models. So without a beam expander, the maximum distance at which I got it to burn a wide leaf was around 4,5 meters. Another issue was that the button sometimes didn't get pressed correctly, leaving the laser on when you think it is off. You don't notice it immediately, because you are wearing protective goggles.

Overall a great laser pointer if you are looking for a powerful class 4.

Thor M2

An amazing laser! Me and my friend has allot of fun burning stuff with the laser and using it at night! Recommend to anyone who loves lasers! Btw if anyone is confused to change the focus you need to twist the body of the laser not the tip, the laser still burns very well even when not unfocused.

Wasn’t what I was expecting from pictures and description

Can’t recommend against purchasing from this company enough! They have deceiving pictures and descriptions for items they sell.


Nice laser beam!

THOR ULTRA laserosoitin

Solid and heavy duty build, the 7 watt option is a force to be reckoned with. The optical power was confirmed via LPM - it goes even above 7 when fully charged. Protection googles are Obligatory! Different operation modes are really useful. It must be used with GREAT CARE and responsibility! The keys and keylock are important in this case. This is definitely NOT A TOY. So take care!
Overall - a wonderful product!

P.S. Batteries are included if the local destination of arrival allows it.
(I have received mine with batteries)

Sanwu 5X Magnification Optical Expander

Precise and solid-made piece of equipment. Very good for reducing beam divergence at long distances.

Tasku lasertehomittari

Excelent device, suitable for monitoring the performance of your laser devices optical power output which is important for the status of both the active element and batteries. I have tested it with a device with power output measured with advanced hardware and the correlation is almost perfect.
In three words - small, light and functional.
Good tool to have in your collection.


USB-ladattava Mini-sarjan laserosoitin

Great value for the money

These laser pointers work well and I love that they are rechargeable.

Product as expected

I was worried about ordering when the site was not updated at all, but the product I received was satisfactory.

👍Green 450mw

For me the dot was too big and and fockus out off my liking, the fockus on it i cant really get that fine spot. but for those 65$ i spent on it and for my need of it its good, really powerfull too cant get a stronger that cheap and still have fine quality. iam happy

Almost as expected

The beam quality was great, charger and accessories worked as expected. However, it did not have the burning capability expected for the standard triple combination lens. Upon closer examination I found that the diode had a mirror defect, which I have heard is common among blue lasers. The design is excellent, and its size is truly impressive. With the G7 lens and without this defect I would certainly have given this a five star rating. Keep up the great work!

Great Buy

Nice little apparatus. Works as described. Good value for your money. Well packaged and delivered timely.

Very pleased!

The lasers I ordered were received on time and working perfectly. Be sure to check the descriptions for the types of batteries needed for the specific color and power you order.

Nice compact device

We received the device already charged and ready to use. Working for us. Thank you.

Arrived broken

I don't know what to think. I have tried to contact somebody about them shipping me a bad product. Idk. I think they are trying to wait for the 30 day policy so they can refuse having to fix their issue. Who can I contact to make laserpointerstore fix this? Be careful buying from here. You will get a bad product.