How to Choose Green Laser or Red Laser?

Like the most of consumers, you may have such doubts when purchasing laser pens. Is it good to choose red laser? Or green? What’s the difference between them? What are the reasons for the big difference in prices?

The green laser pen is brighter than the red laser, mainly for the following two reasons:

• 1. The most intuitive feeling level; The sensitivity of human eyes to green wavelength (532nm) is about 8 times greater than that of red wavelength (650nm); In terms of visual effect, the feeling of green laser is 10 times stronger than that of red laser.

• 2. The shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy and the greater the scattering in the air. The wavelength of green laser is shorter than that of red laser, and the scattering is stronger than that of red laser. Because red laser is easier to transmit air, the power required to form an optical path will be greater. Therefore, compared with red laser, green laser will shoot farther and brighter.

1、 Let’s compare the difference between red laser and green laser horizontally:

① Basic parameters: wavelength

The wavelength of red laser is 650 ~ 660nm; The wavelength of green laser is 532 nm. The shorter the wavelength, the greater the energy, and the light column of green laser will be more obvious than that of red laser, which is why green laser is selected for general astronomical stars or outdoor guidance. In addition, due to the strong green laser power, we need to pay more attention to the safety of the product during use.

② Luminous principle (technical point of view)

The laser emitted by the laser pen belongs to solid-state laser, and the red laser mainly emits light directly after being powered on by the laser diode; Because of the material problem, the green laser can not directly emit green laser from the laser diode. It can only emit green laser after infrared wavelength frequency doubling conversion.

③ Price difference

Due to the differences in manufacturing process, manufacturing materials and technical maturity between green laser pen and red laser pen, there is a gap in market price( Mainly reflected in the frequency doubling conversion technology required to emit green laser, and the corresponding conversion crystal cost will be higher)

2、 There are many factors affecting the price of laser products. The value determines the price. The price must be different due to different product performance.

Here, I’d like to share with you the factors affecting the price difference of products with the same level of performance:

• 1. The core component of the laser product is the illuminant, and the quality of the illuminant directly determines the price of the product; The service life of the illuminant with poor quality will be relatively short, and it will be easy to age and damage after use for a period of time.

• 2. The price of laser products with different light source types will vary due to different material costs and technical costs; Red laser and green laser are common in the market.

• 3. The shell material of laser products, key, switch design and other details will also affect its price, which can also be seen from the fineness of workmanship.

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