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How to change lens for Thor M2 laser

Unscrew the front head.Unscrew the lens base by a Scissors.Unscrew the lensChange the lens and reassemble. Adjust the focus spot well.

How to Choose Green Laser or Red Laser?

Like the most of consumers, you may have such doubts when purchasing laser pens. Is it good to choose red laser? Or green? What’s the difference between them? What are

What is Laser?

Since the United States successfully developed the world’s first ruby laser in 1960 and China also successfully developed the first domestic ruby laser (born in Changchun Institute of Optics and

Can a laser pen illuminate the moon?

The laser pen can easily illuminate the wall and ceiling, leaving a bright “small spot”. But how far can it shine? Can you shine on the moon? Can we “illuminate”

A laser pointer can attack autopilot cars.

How easy is it to attack AI models? A laser beam is enough! Recently, an expert from Ali Security published a new study that would make AI models no longer

Laser Pointer and Pets, the last one LOL

1 laser pen, 2 round paperboards, 4 paper gears to make a laser projector?

Laser projector is a projector with red, blue and green lasers as the light source. Compared with the traditional projector, it has higher color expressiveness and picture hierarchy. It is

Stanford uses ordinary cameras and laser pointers to achieve “through-the-wall perspective”, even your ID can be seen clearly

Can sensors see behind the corners of obstacles in real time? As it turns out, yes. A study by researchers at Stanford, Rice University, Princeton, and Southern Methodist University published in the journal Optica proposes