1 laser pen, 2 round paperboards, 4 paper gears to make a laser projector?

Laser projector is a projector with red, blue and green lasers as the light source. Compared with the traditional projector, it has higher color expressiveness and picture hierarchy. It is widely used in mainstream cinemas. Today, I’d like to share an interesting video. Using a laser pen, cardboard and other common materials, you can make a model of a laser projector at home. Next, let’s take a look at the video:


Material: 1 laser pointer, several cardboards, rubber bands, ice cream sticks, round wooden sticks

Tools: utility knife, hot melt glue gun, hot melt glue stick, insulating tape, solder gun, pencil, 502 glue, compass

First, cut out two round cardboards with a radius of 3.5cm as shown in the figure below. The corrugated paper is glued on the periphery to make gears, and they are fixed on the cardboard by the shaft of a wooden stick. The two gears are tightly meshed. In order to ensure that the gear and the rotating shaft can rotate together, fix the joint with 502 glue.

Then, cover the shaft with another piece of cardboard of the same size, make two cardboard gears, one large and one small, which are engaged with each other as shown in the figure below, and fix them on the cardboard. Then glue the whole assembly vertically on the bottom plate.

Then, use a utility knife to cut out a number of irregular round cardboards, fix two of them on the cardboard opposite to the big gear, and use the rest of the irregular round cardboards for use.

Next, use ice cream sticks and round wooden sticks to make a crank handle and glue it to the big gear, then use cardboard to make a “Y”-shaped bracket and glue it to the panel, and fix the laser pen holder with rubber bands and insulating tape. A simple laser projector model is completed.

Now, let’s test its actual effect together. Aim the projector at a white screen, turn off the ambient light, turn the rocker of the projector, press and hold the switch of the laser pointer, with the rotation of the four gears, a five-pointed star pattern immediately appeared on the white screen. Then change to a different round cardboard, and different patterns appear on the white screen. If coupled with sound, this is like a small home theater!